Classical Guitar Magazine review – “The Fall of Birds”

Minh Le HoangMinh Le Hoang‘s solo CD “The Fall of Birds,” released in 2008, was recently reviewed by Classical Guitar Magazine. Here is an excerpt:

“Unbelievably, and this is happening quite regularly with these privately released recordings, there are no details as to how or where to obtain this disc from. A boring internet search did eventually bring forth the name ‘Coomamusic’ where the CD can be obtained. Is it worth all this searching? Well, the answer has to be a resounding ‘Yes’ for this disc has it all: superb virtuosity in the way Minh Le Hoang handles this technically difficult music and his artistic interpretation throughout is top notch. Hoang is one of the members of the leading Australian guitar quartet ‘Guitar Trek‚Äô and a read-through of his credentials in the sleeve notes shows him to be a force to reckon with.

This is a splendid new release, well recorded and is to be highly recommended.”

Steve Marsh – Classical Guitar Magazine


“ENRIQUE GRANADOS – Valses Poeticos, FREDERICO MORENO TORROBA – Aires de la Mancha, NIKITA KOSHKIN – Andante Quasi Passcaglia e Toccata (The Fall of Birds), GENTIL MONTANA – Suite Colombianna No. 2., ALBERTO GINASTERA- Sonata op47, MARIO CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO – Tarantella, FRANZ SCHUBERT/JOHANN KASPAR MERTZ – Standchen.

‚ÄúThe Fall of Birds‚Äù is Minh’s first solo album.¬† Copies can be obtained through Cooma Music.¬† Speak to Allan or Leslie Spencer.


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